In line with government guidelines we intend to reopen our clubs on Saturday 25th July.  To ensure safety is our priority, we have made some changes to how we run our facilities. It is vital that all members adhere to the changes implemented to reduce the risk of infection.

Here are some FAQs that may help you when you return back. 


What are your opening times?
Our opening times remain unchanged from before the Covid crisis. Please click here for opening times for each club.

Do I need to book to use the gym?
Yes, via our website or app Memberme+ App. Members will need to book when they wish to attend using the gym facilities via our website or app Memberme+.  Initially our capacity will be reduced which will help to ensure that people can attend safely and allow us to control the number of people at any one time.   You can book into a session slot every 30 minutes throughout the day.

What classes will you be running?
We plan to have a very similar class timetable as before. The number of people in a class will be reduced so booking your session is essential.  To be fair to other people, please avoid back to back class bookings at this stage.  Please ensure that you also remove yourself from a session if you can not attend. 

Will you be running outdoor classes?
Yes, based on our recent survey, many members wanted to see more outdoor classes.  Please watch out for a number of outdoor classes we will be launching at the start of July. You will still need to book but these are open to members and non members.  Locations of outdoor classes will be announced on our social media channels.

We will also be launching daily YouTube Live classes which are accessible to all. Please click here to subscribe to the channel.

How can I book classes?
Online or via our app (MemberMe+). Members will only be able to book 1 week in advance. So that it is a fair system for all, we will be monitoring members who fail to attend without cancelling or rescheduling. If you have not got online access please call us on, Christchurch 01202 914848 or Boscombe 01202 391654
Alternatively you can set up online via this link: Boscombe or  Christchurch

What do I need to do before coming back to the gym?
We are committed to following government and industry guidelines. For such reasons we have implemented several clearly sign-posted measures when you attend using the facilities. These include using hand sanitising units on entry and exit, wiping down equipment and maintaining social distancing between people.  We reserve the right to revoke memberships of those who are unable to adhere to these temporary measures.

What measures have you got in place whilst in the club?
To find our list of measures we have implemented please click HERE

When and how long can I use the gym?
We have allocated booking slots every 30 minutes through the day to make this easier for you. We request that you complete your gym workout within the hour to allow space for others arriving later.

How long can I stay for?
We currently do not allow back to back class bookings based on the limited class sizes we have.  If you wish to use the gym facilities before or after a class booking, please make sure you have also made this booking.

What do I need to bring?
Please make sure that you bring your own exercise mat, filled water bottle and towel.  

Are the shower/locker rooms open?
We request that members come changed to use the gym where possible or minimise the time spent in the changing rooms. Please arrive with limited items and keep them with you. Please use the lockers only if you have valuable items to lock away. Please ensure you wipe down the lockers after use


I am unable to still attend the gym, can I keep my membership frozen?
Yes, if your situation still means you are unable to attend the gym, please inform us immediately and we can keep your membership frozen.
Christchurch: Boscombe: boscombe@urbanhealthfitness

When will my next membership payment leave my account?
All memberships will be unfrozen. When active, membership fees will be collected as per the arrangement when first set up. If you wish to discuss the day the membership fees are taken, please contact us on the emails above.

Are there discounts on membership?
We offer corporate discounted memberships to large companies and front line staff (Police/NHS/Fire/Ambulance).  Please let us know if this applies to you (evidence must be shown when requesting this).

Can I alter my membership?
Yes, moving to a single or upgrading to a joint membership is all possible.
Please email us on: Christchurch: Boscombe: boscombe@urbanhealthfitness

Are you running the 7 day free trial?
No, currently the 7 day free trial is temporarily suspended. We are still accepting new memberships and also offer pay as you go sessions. 


Are you still running physio sessions? 
Yes, our physio clinics are still available. If you would like to arrange or book in for your Physio/Chiropractic appointment please email:

What will I need to do before arriving for my session?
Please arrive on time as clients sessions will be staggered to ensure that people are not booked in straight after another client. This will allow us time to clean down the equipment and plinths.  For all bookings we will screen clients via telephone consultation to ensure they are not at high risk. Please follow measures in place set out in the facilities. Please cancel and inform us if you develop or suspect you are developing symptoms related to Covid.  

Is personal training still available?  Yes, personal training is a great way to achieve long lasting changes to your health. It can improve your confidence, motivation, physical and mental abilities as well helping you combat many health and age related challenges we common face. 
If you are interested in personal training or rehabilitation services please contact us to arrange your session.