Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

I have always had a strong love for all things health and fitness especially incorporating a holistic approach to keeping the body and mind healthy and working the best it can.

After following a corporate career, I finally realised my real passion was helping people on their health and wellness journey so took the plunge and started working for myself teaching classes locally and helping people get back into fitness.

I absolutely love working with people right at the beginning of their journey and seeing them progress and bloom into doing things they never thought they would be able to do.

To me, fitness is all about keeping the body strong, enabling you to carry out everyday tasks with ease, moving and enjoying moving your body daily and most of all, have fun whilst doing it!

I also specialise in pre and postnatal fitness as well, keeping the body healthy and moving during pregnancy and helping women to return back to exercise again after having their baby.

In my spare time I love going for long beach/forest walks with my husband and if we happen to stumble across a nice cafe/bakery/pub it would be rude not to stop and sample something!!

I also enjoy reading, baking and a bit of Pilates and Yoga to keep my body moving well and to help with my own flexibility and mobility.

  • L2 Fitness Instructor
  • L2 Pre & Post Natal Exercise
  • L3 Personal Trainer