Sue - Yoga Teacher

Sue has worked as a Yoga teacher at Urban Health and Fitness Boscombe since first opening in 2018. Previously she ran her own practice as an Osteopath and Naturopath in London for 17 years before moving down to Southbourne for the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Inspired by many different styles of yoga she likes to adapt the class according to who attends but options are always given if required. Her classes can be anything from gentle to more demanding, and can even incorporate elements of Pilates, chi gong or tai chi.

Alignment, posture, and safe practice are paramount and participants are encouraged to listen to their body and do what feels right for them. She is always happy to have a chat about any health or injury concerns before or afterward.

enter image description here All levels Yoga Class

enter image description here Personalised 30 minute intro Yoga sessions.

enter image description here 1:1 Yoga Sessions