Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

Early on in my life, I struggled deeply with anxiety, this led to me neglecting many facets of my life; primarily my health. Prior to the global pandemic, I was classified as ‘overweight’ and felt it was time for a change. This is when my fitness journey began.

Although the exercise was challenging, I found the most difficult part was the gym environment. It was intimidating. I felt as though I was doing a million different things wrong and that all eyes were on me. However, overtime, I began to realise that everyone is here for the same reason and slowly but surely, my small steps became giant leaps. My anxiety lessened and I found true passion in exercise.

Equipped with the knowledge that health and fitness had the fundamental building blocks to positively reconfigure one’s entire life as it did mine, I was determined to share what I had learnt. I enrolled onto a gym instructing course at Bournemouth University and from then onward, I have made it a personal mission to share the positive benefits of exercise with as many people as possible and to guide those who are struggling to take those first steps.

Outside of the gym: I’ve got an obsession with all thing's cinema; I’m a fanatic about swimming and I’m a big animal lover with three of my own dogs.