If you are getting ready for your first visit to the Physiotherapy services at Urban Health &Fitness Clubs, you might be wondering what to expect from your time here and from your treatment.

We’ve outlined the process all new clients undergo on arrival to help you feel more prepared and relaxed about your visit to our clinics.

Arrive Early

Clinic locations and suitable parking can be found on our website. Please arrive at the club reception and inform the receptionist you are here for your assessment.

Upon arrival you will need to fill out a client registration form and medical health questionnaire, so it's useful to arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first appointment.

If you are claiming your treatment via a medical insurer or health policy, please bring with you suitable ID, policy numbers and authorisation codes.

Meet & Greet

Your physiotherapist will collect you from the waiting area and show you to your private treatment room. Friends and relatives are welcomed into the treatment room. Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Initial Consultation

Your Physiotherapist will ask a range of questions relating to your condition or injury. Any information about medications, relevant past medical or surgical history or scan results are helpful.

Your Physiotherapist will undertake a physical assessment which depending on your injury or condition will undergo arrange of expose particular body parts to undertake a range of tests and assessment of body parts. Please wear loose and suitable clothing, preferably bring shorts and a t shirt-vest top.

Diagnosis & Treatment

You will be provided with a working diagnosis and an explanation as to what this means. We allow time for you to ask further questions. In addition, we will discuss a management/treatment plan based on your needs and requirements ensuring that we restore you back to full function as quickly and as safely as possible.

If time allows, we will aim to start treatment based on clinical evidence and experience. This may include hands on therapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy or exercise therapy.

Advice & Aftercare

At the end of the session, you will be provided with advice and possible exercise (s) to complete. Should the Physiotherapist provide any gym based or specific classes to undertake they will provide you with appropriate details.

Any further questions please email clinic@nurbanhealthfitness.com

We want your visit to be effective and focused on your needs. We hope you now feel prepared and ready to come to your first session with us.