What is our Wellness Consultation?

The path towards wellness is not a one size-fits-all.  That’s why at Urban we take a personalised approach to understand what your needs are and how we can best support you.

Delivered by one of our qualified fitness professionals and using the elements from our four pillars of health, the wellness consultation aims to examine what you are looking to achieve and put an action plan into place. This could include making you confident and safe to use the machines, or it could be to set more effective goals, or it could mean that we write a programme to get you started or even taking some tests to determine your baseline fitness levels.  Either way, the consultation is about you and we tailor the session to what you need.
They are included as a standard part of your membership and a new consultation is given to you every three months so that we can keep helping to support your long term health.  





What happens in a consultation?

As standard we would like to get you to complete a short lifestyle questionnaire, we take your blood pressure and some basic health parameters. 

We then discuss any goals you have and what is it that will help you achieve them. From there we put an action plan into place to help you get started.

In many cases, we can also refer to our inhouse team of physiotherapists or nutritional advisor who can support other elements of your health that may be affecting you. 






Measuring your progress


We use a smart scales to help us track key measures that will help us set realistic goals. 

These include:

 Body Fat Percentage

Basal Metabolic Rate 

Visceral and Subcutaneous fat 

Bone Mass

Muscle Weight

Protein Rate


What else do we cover:

The consultations can progress to help you in a variety of ways: 

Fitness Testing

Inducting or making you confident to use the gym machines/equipment

Or providing with a program to get started with

All documents can be accessed by you on your membership profile page.

We can use the information gathered in your next review to determine where we can support you next.