Why choose personal training? 

If you are experiencing frustration towards your fitness goals, lacking accountability or motivation
then personal training could be a solution for you. Urban trainers understand that with the correct guidance, support and a personalised approach to your needs you will be able to achieve your goals more safely, quickly and effectively.  As well as making your sessions fun and challenging our trainers are at hand to provide you with advice on nutrition, sleep, effective goal setting,  injury prevention, and optimizing your functional movements plus much more. This holistic approach to your wellbeing means that we are here to help you to optimise your long term health. 






We can help you to achieve your fitness goals:

Tracking health markers i.e. blood pressure, weight etc.  

Improve your confidence with correct technique and form.

Help with food planning and nutritional support.

Improving your self esteem and body confidence

  Encouraging you to form health long term habits.





Personal Training Prices

Personal Training is open to members and non members.

Single Pay as you go session: £40 per hour / non members rate

We offer a range of prices, packages, and member discounts depending on your membership tier.

Enquire today and get started on your personal health and fitness journey




About our trainers 

Our staff have a passion for learning and developing and as such continue to expand their knowledge and skills to help deliver the best sessions they can. With a variety of experiences within the team and with an in house team of therapists and rehab specialists, our trainers are capable of providing bespoke programmes for all types of people and conditions. 

Level 3 & 4 Personal Trainers 

Specialist trainers in rehabilitation and back pain 

UK Active or CIMPSA accredited 




Since 2014 we have been focusing on changing the lives of the people and communities we serve. 
Whatever your health, goals, or aspirations we work together to help you achieve them.  

"First experience with a PT – absolutely great! Rita made me feel comfortable from the first meeting and I can definitely see my body improving!"
Oana, Boscombe

 "Jana has made me believe in myself, taught me about eating and drinking and made me stronger and given me so much more confidence! 
Jane P, Christchurch

 "My confidence in my own abilities and even just stepping foot into the gym has grown.  Anna is able to tailor our sessions to my individual needs"
Amy, Christchurch. 

"Three months ago I was just 40kg with constant back pain.  Now I’m 60kg, fitter, stronger and completely  pain-free thanks to Sean!" 
Simona, Boscombe

"I went to Jamie initially for physio and within a few sessions he had helped get my movement range back. He was able to work with my disability and our PT sessions help build up my weaker side and prevent future injuries"
Brian, Christchurch 

"Dyllon has been teaching me new techniques and skills, how to control my breath and emotion and train hard. It’s been an amazing experience for me and I’m sure my trainer will help me reach my goals"
Aswin, Boscombe