How to keep your energy levels high?

You may be asking how? Well with Protein!

Protein is a macro-nutrient that is made up of amino acids that work as building blocks, making all our new cells, including immune cells and hormones. It is a vital nutrient and protein digests slower than carbohydrates, so it helps to release energy gradually and keeping you going for longer.

You can get protein from eating foods like meat, fish, dairy products, nuts, legumes, beans and seeds. But other foods such as mushrooms and brown rice also contain small amounts of protein.

How much do I require?

The recommended general guideline is to eat 0.8g of protein per kilo of body weight, so if you weight 55 kg then you will need about 44 g of protein every day. 

Guidelines are only meant as a guide, not a rule; so if you exercise intensely, you’ll need more. If so, aim for 1.5-2g per kilo of body weight.

Do I need more protein?

Learn to listen to your body, there are some signs that show you might benefit from more protein.

1. You don’t recover well after exercise and get very sore muscles.
2. After eating you feel hungry again within 2 hours
3. Your mood swings are getting out of control
4. You crave sugar and caffeine to keep going
5. Your hair and nails are getting thin and brittle
6. Feeling weak and tired may be the normal.
7. Any wounds, bumps and bruises are slow to heal.