Spring-Summer Group Exercise and Fitness Timetable Starts

#What's Your Goal?

Bike & Bar

Tuesday & Thursdays 06:45-07:15

The Power of the Smile is Worth the Laughter Lines!

29 June 2018
by Kerrie

Kerrie explains about the power of a smile and how it can help your health

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ABC Workshop

14 March 2018
by Mandy

Mandy explains more about the Active Back Care (ABC) workshop and how it can help you with ongoing back pain, help you learn more about maintaining a …

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Keeping up with the Jones or should that be the Kardashians!

07 March 2018
by Kerrie

Why do we feel the need to continual compare with other people? Kerrie explains what is really going on in our heads when we compare ourselves to othe…

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