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Techniques and bio mechanics of bench pressing. 
In this video we discuss the changes you can apply with arm, hand and shoulder position which can affect what muscle groups of the chest you work. 


Understanding the relationship between strength, speed and endurance. Why its important and applicable to your training. 

Improving your dead lift part 1:
Hip, back, knee and foot angles play a key role in the movement and mechanics of dead lifting. In the video we discuss what set up and poistion you should be exploring based on your anatomy and body shape.  

Improving your dead lift part 2:
We advance on to discuss the varying types of dead lifts from sumo to standard and review the advantages and disadvantages to both based on your shape of body. Also how different bars such as a trap/hex bar can be used. 

Core Strength

What do we mean by the 'core' and what is core strength. We discuss the technique of the industries favourite core exercise, the plank and discuss technique and form. 

Part 1: Squatting

We discuss squat technique and what can vary based on your anatomy and body shape. 

Part 2: Front Squat

We progress on to discuss the front squat and why someone would train this variation. 

Part 3: Front Squat

Shoulder and upper body mobility movements are key to loading the bar correctly. We discuss the variations in the front squat. 

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