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Urban sports injuries is a unique clinic dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries sustained in sports and exercise.

The management of musculoskeletal injuries in sports and exercise is extremely specialised and important. Getting a correct diagnosis and having a specific treatment plan that is focused on returning you safely and effectively back into your sport is paramount.

At Urban Health, out dedicated sports injuries clinic is carried out by physiotherapists who have had a wide exposure to sports and exercise injuries. We will ensure your injury is swiftly assessed and any treatment started immediately. We will provide you with support or any rehabilitation to ensure you return back to your sports or activity whilst ensuring re-injury or further complications do not arise.


• Mobilisation and manipulation of joints and soft tissue

• Acupuncture, dry needling and cupping

• Sports taping

• Massage and soft tissue therapy

• Electrotherapy modalities such as ultrasound

• Exercise therapy and utilising the wide range of equipment

• A range of health & fitness classes such as Pilates, Yoga, Circuits to kee you fit & active during your treatment 


Ligament and muscle strains

Runner’s knee

Achilles Tendonitis

Hip pain

Groin strains

Shin & calf pain

Lower back pains

Elbow pains from repetitive use

Ankle sprains

Shoulder and neck pains

Ensure your injury does not hold you back from your sport or exercise regime.
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