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Simon Saunders

Club Manager

About me

After almost thirty years in the health & fitness industry I still enjoy helping guests strive to improve their health and couldn’t wish to work in a more fun and positive environment. It’s good to be home again in Christchurch, I have been involved in sales and operations of health clubs & spas in the UK and Europe, as far away as Kamchatka in the very East of Russia.

My life changing, Forrest Gump moment, came in the early 80’s. Fed up with my Saturday morning TV habit (TIZWAS was the tipping point), my father stole the tuning dial from our black & white set and pointed me in the direction of Mudeford Beach - “Go for a run!”. Running has taken me all over the world, I competed to international level at cross-country, national level at track and competed in marathons including London, Vienna, Nassau, Madrid & Budapest. In 2010 I ran the 250km Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert. Billed as “Probably the toughest footrace in the world”, this is a six-day race over distances ranging between 21km and 82km, the whole experience was like a really long, hot geology field trip! 7 I finished in the top 400 out of 1000 starters with over a 20% drop out rate that year. My attitude to exercise has altered over time. I have learned to listen to my body, plan incremental steps towards my long-term training goals, recognize the vital roles nutrition and recovery play in training.

I enjoy helping clients in need, recovering from or facing health challenges, changing habits to improve lifestyle and naturally, I have worked with lots of runners at all levels.

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